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All of the products offered on this website are used in our own SUMMERWinds Show Kennel on our own dogs. As owners and breeders of Afghan Hounds and Whippets for over 40 years, we have produced over 200 AKC Show Champions. Our own pet needs led us on a quest to develop superior pet products (i.e., shampoos, conditioners and pet food supplements, and pet bed lounges) that we offered for sale in 1981 and have since remained in high demand for the last 28 years.

SUMMERWinds products are used by some of the world's top winning show dogs, horses and cats. We are confident that you will find our products to be beneficial and necessary for an effective, ultimate presentation as we do! We truly understand that just because a person doesn't exhibit their pets in a competitive arena, doesn't mean they don't want the same high quality products to use on their animals.

However great it is to win, "The #1 priority at SUMMERWinds is to see that our customer's pets stay healthy, energetic and live long, happy lives; and that their owners are completely satisfied with all our products and services."

SUMMERWinds is dedicated to working only with environmentally safe and biodegradable products. No laboratory animal tests are conducted on any of our products.

Just one of our many endorsements from one of our loyal SUMMERWinds® customers.

"Charley" has epilepsy and still has grand mal seizures once or twice a month. I am not allowed to use products like trifexis, comforts or advantage on him. They trigger seizures – as do flea shampoos such as bio spot-etc. I can use shampoos that naturally repel fleas like eucalyptus, peppermint etc. I live in Florida and fleas are horrible.

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Newsletters, Learn Grooming, Training, Handling, Care, etc. Advice and Tips to be able to Compete with the Pro's. With e-Articles Archives PDF Downloads by Rosemary Sutton on "THE ART OF PRESENTING A COMPETITIVE SHOW DOG."

"Finest Afghan Hound Website" Award!

SUMMERWinds.com was selected for its excellence in Afghan hound information and/or breeding services and proves to be one of the top areas on the net for knowledge on this topic by dog-behavior-training.co.uk.

Dog-behavior-training.co.uk is a leading resource on the web for many dog related issues and has over 40000 visitors per month (and growing), it is a well respected site and aims to make the canine presence on the web feel more like a community, involving smaller sites rather than letting corporate companies with big budgets take over the friendly feel of the dog community.

2 Years In a Row!

Top Winning Friesians
Horse of the Year Titles In Dressage, Driving, Hunt Seat, In-hand, Saddle Seat & Specialty
2005, 2006 & 2007 United States Equestrian Federation
Leading Friesian Breeder
2005 & 2006 United States Equestrian Federation
Leading Friesian Owner

Friesian Quest
Tammy & Robert Hildreth DVM
Recommends, Endorses and Uses SUMMERWinds Products.

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GP Mieuxmew's
GP Planika
GC, DW, GP Planika
Don Juan
Black Persian Rare Black Smoke Persian Rare Black Smoke Persian
Sire: GC Mieuxmew's
Teddy Boy
Dam: CG Mieuxmew's
Sire: GC, DW Palmettos
Dakota of Planika
Dam: Palmetto's
Southern Belle of Planika
Sire: GC, DW Palmettos
Dakota of Planika
Dam: Planika
La Vie En Rose
Top Winning Persians
From the Legendary Cattery's of Palmetto/Planika
Owner: Cathy Bower
Photos By: Chanan
Recommends, Endorses and Uses SUMMERWinds Products.
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We are proud to announce that we will now offer everyday flat rate shipping of $5.99 on all qualified orders of $150 or more that ship within the contiguous United States. For more info click here

SUMMERWinds New and Improved Product Line

We have some very exciting news at SUMMERWinds. We have re-branded with a totally new look. We have also re-formulated many of our products, as well as brought on some brand new product items. For more info click here

SUMMERWinds Shampoos are Lower in Sulfates

Why we decided on lower sulfates rather than sulfate free for our New and Improved SUMMERWinds shampoo line. For more info click here


Dietary Suppliment

Flea Away™ is a vitamin complex, specifically formulated for dogs and cats. Flavored with real liver -- your pet will love them!
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Even the best diets may not provide your dog the pure high quality nutrition found in E3 Canine.
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Detangling Spray

Just spray mats away. Slips and lubricates. Adds Sheen, Luster, Hair Shaft Protection. Silicone Free.
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